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Most parents in Asheville, NC do their best to protect their children from the dangers of drug abuse. You would never want your son or daughter to gain direct access to marijuana, cocaine or heroin in the house. Unfortunately, alcohol is the most common drug found in many homes throughout North Carolina.   To make things worse, there are plenty of parents and teens who don’t consider alcohol a drug. But the truth is alcohol is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances available to the public. It’s also one of the easiest drugs to find. If you’re not careful, it won’t take long for your child to start experimenting.

It seems like alcohol is everywhere. It can be found in stores, restaurants or anywhere food and beverages are sold. Alcohol also advertised frequently on television, radio and the Internet. Teen drinking is one of the biggest issues facing young people in North Carolina. Each day thousands of young adults struggle with a drinking problem and are unable to quit.  Most never receive professional youth rehab. Fortunately, the new Troubled Teens Asheville helpline is providing a valuable resource for parents and their troubled teens to find the help they need to overcome their drinking problem.

By calling (828) 348-5762, parents and their kids can speak directly to a representative who can answer any of their questions or concerns pertaining to teen drinking and which youth rehab facilities provide the best care for their specific needs. The operators at Troubled Teens Asheville don’t just provide information, they also offer a compassionate voice for teens and their parents to discuss their problems. Today’s adolescent treatment facilities provide the latest methods of alcohol detox, teen drinking help and therapy in a safe and nurturing environment. Everything a young adult needs to overcome their drinking problem is available under one roof.

Underage drinking is almost impossible to beat on your own. But with help from certified addiction professionals at a youth rehab center, sobriety is always an option. The first step is finding the right help. Troubled Teens Asheville is Buncombe County’s source for parents to find the best youth rehab for their child. If your son or daughter has developed a drinking problem, it’s never too late. Call the helpline today at (828) 348-5762 or send an email to and give your child the best opportunity to overcome their addiction and realize a bright future.

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